Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hello December!

umm..actually it's 2nd already..
I had no mood to blog last night
Today I spend most of my time to watch dvds
this morning I watched The Hole with some friends
I've watched it last night
But then I watch it again to accompany them..hehe

and i just finished watching Ramona & Beezus 2hr ago

well,someone's has just depress my house bell-it's kinda creepy -.-"

back to Ramona & Beezus..
It's so nice
selena is so cute there..

went to ozon after tuition and start hunting for some dvds..
bit disappointed cause i can hardly find next season of GLEE an 90210 :(
finished GG s3 and i have to wait for months til s4 complete
bought 4 dvds today
gonna finish all of them before exam
yeap..exam is almost here..not more than 2 weeks left
I'm not so ready
but somehow my report for the last exam is quite good
imma try my best to have higher scores..
wish me luck ;)

#Decemberwish I have great scores and great rank and super great of 10days holiday

new headmaster cut 2 days of our holiday -.-"

well one more #Decemberwish I wish I could hang out with epon,tasbih or at least with ayam,atoi and tipend :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010


hi bloggie..
it's been a while since the last time i blog
what i'm gonna tell you is:
I bake cupcakes
actually i bake those just to help my cousin
he wanna give some cupcakes to his gf
umm..and it spends about 100,000idr to buy the flour,butter,blablabla
huahh..lotta of money

actually it's the fourth time I bake cupcake
first and the third one failed
second is so so
and the cupcakes i baked today is good :D

i drank stale milk this evening
how careless right..
stupid to the max.. :(
it tastes bitter.yuck

hope I'm okay.amen :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

stay away from my J!!!!

today i laugh a lot bcoz of JL .
it's really funny when she's mad.
she's sounds like

and oh J ruin my mood today.
there's a b*tch hanging her hand around his arm.
shit.what the #@$*

i hate 'em both..
he looks just okay with that b*tch around him
now on i should learn to forget him

and bout H who they talks a lot today
still don't know what's her bad
won't judging her before i know the truth :)

will change my layout not into it :X

Sunday, August 15, 2010

killing the boredom :DD

I'm having exam right now
it's like a blink of an eye
bio tom and i haven't study it at all
I'll do my best.

home alone..
and i haven't had my lunch
i guess i'll have 14022 later


busy with looklet right now.
i had the account before but i forgot the password
so I make the new one :)

really love it..
so i could kill the boredom whenever i want by playing it..
just finished this look just now,..

how is it? :D
well I'm kinda like it but i guess to much stuff there..
overall it's GREAT :DDD

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The very first day

this morning almost missed the bus..
cuz i couldn't find my my shoes
I sit with Jenny
J.Tanadi and Selviana sit in front of us
well they're from other class
but I'm glad we can be classmates
Tina and JL sit behind us
and on the left side there's Shanice
behind her Pane and Gading
behind them Nico and Jo..
This is gonna be a great semester
first day full of laughing..
LOLing when there's no teacher
girls in front of me is so cool and great
they're friendly :)
but today the teacher already start teaching
while other class is free
not fair
start with chem,phys and bahasa
see how's 2moro..
will be greater :D

so happy I'm in this class with lot of people I know :D


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

last day of my school holiday

i need more holiday..
it's just not enough for me.
but well i'm happy i'm in the same class with tina.
yeahh.we'll be a great friend :)
yesterday i started my tuition.move to SC
and guess what?
i met tjin there..weww's a small small world
however,,there's a cute teacher..handsome..
and he often go to the gym..woo..his bicep :DD
ahh..anw i havent post about my rank in the school
i got the 3rd. lol
and given a voucher 210k :p

bout my driving lesson..
i drive about 56KM
waiting for my SIM A ;O

and bout my baking lesson
i made chiffon on monday
its edible but not as perfect as I wish :(
mom said it's okay..
next time it'll be great :)
i bake it on my own
baking is just so nice

bout my sis bday..
we ate at bakezin
quite expensive
a piece of cake is about 30idr
:O :O
later i'll post about bakerzin
and will upload some of the pics i took there

gotta off soon
cause i'll have some shopping with tina :D
happy Wednesday everyone

and Happy Birthday to Walton
who is walton?hha
he's my classmate and sit next to me in lab computer and english
i always teach him when there's quiz
and so satisfied could make he got 80 on final exam
usually he got 60 -.-"
hha..i miss his iphone anyway :D
cheer up..i know u couldnt pass 75
and it means u'll stay at X grade
but failure is a key to success,rite? :)
wishing u all the best,boy :D
have a blast! :DDD

Sun,here i come :D

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

little stuff :)

here's a little stuff to type..
Today is my sister's Birthday..
Happy Birthday to her..
and the treat is on Friday..
Actually there's 2 choices..
today or friday..
but I choose Friday..
Cause today I feel like I just wanna be at home :D
ah she forget her promise to celebrate it at Duck King
but it's okay..
Coffee Box also okay.. ;)

I'm active in Pet Society again recently..
cause of this unlimited inet connection,
so I can play as long as I wish :D

the real reason I blog today is about him
' S '
well I know he has a new one
But why he keep on staying away from me?
usually he just so care to me
I miss that. :(
But he's no longer mine
So I don't have to be like this
jealous and worry >o<
envy her..
I know she bought something for him
must admit I love the Adidas one :O what
If I keep on blogging bout him
Jealousy will just come across my mind
and whoops
my head will keep spinning round n round thinking bout them
So, I better continue my Petsos :D

Anw, I'm so happy today! I found MIXER

And it'll gonna be mine real soon XD
waiting for the oven

and one again..
just wanna show what I'm listening to now :

Because Of You (Neyo) - Sabrina's version
oh I Love this so much

Baby, you have become my addiction

He's the sweetest drug

Monday, June 21, 2010

I'm back ^-^

here I am..
already in Medan..
i went back on Saturday..
and will back to Brandan again on this Sunday..
quite tiring..
and hope i won't have fever again..
cause lately when i take 2 hrs or more using car to somewhere,
i do feel so tired and taa-daa got fever liau..
so sad :(
yesterday i was totally tortured
how come?
hmm..u see
i went back to the toilet about 15 times or maybe more
just in 1 day
and fever make it worse
haiaa..i sleep like guling" on my bed..
everything around me lay on the floor
and I'm rolling rolling like siau lang
its very hurt til i can't sleep
oh my stomach :'(
then i quickly go to see the doctor..
thanks God he's home
he said I got Dysentery
I dunno what is it
what i know it's some kind like diare
so he gave 4 kinds of medicine and must consume it all
bitter >.<
lack of drinking water recently
and i ate quite lot of bakcang and kicang
Mom won't let me eat that again I guess
yeahhhh pulut is not so good :X
but after all gratefully i feel much more fine now
or else Dad will ask me to sleep one night at Gleni
but so far so good..
I feel good now :)
Thanks God :)

ahh anw,my bro is going to Prapat
hmm..that's the reason why I go back to Medan
i have to accompany my grandma :)
i wonder if my bro will bring fish home..
he took his fishing kit yesterday :D
hope he got the strike
triple strike will be so good
hha.. :D

Sunday, June 6, 2010

going back.

few hours later i probably at car otw to my hometown
i wish i have a lot of things to do there
going to learn driving :D
this whole day I'm stalking on him..
it's nice..
i've ever close to him once
many years ago from mig33
seems like i know him first than any other acs students :)
before i know tasbih,i know him first
he has so many injuries
what a boy.. :D
wish I can be his friend :)
i think he's quite romantic..
i love that..
but AL is much more romantic
tomorrow will have a real blast
mom will cook for me the best mee soah ever.. :D
maybe bake some cake for me too :D
nyumm nyummm...
can't wait til tonight..
okay then..
hello Brandan..
see you again Medan..
going back to medan real soon :D

with love,

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hathor. 5th June'10

having a lot of greetings today..
what a wow. :D
the most impressive one is from him.
thanks to AL.
i think he don't care and don't know at all
but he text me at 16.00
he says that I'm sixteen so he send it at 16.00
so sweet
feels like my heart stop beating for a while
then it goes normal again..
thump thump thump thump
i celebrate my bday at Resto Desa"..
it's great there..nice spot :D
then i go to camb and buy some donuts
going to share it with my cousins :D
that's all
actually I'm waiting for tasbih's greeting
but he seems out of reach
he's at bintan rite now..
but it's okay
we're all having holiday
so have a great holiday,bih.. :D

Friday, June 4, 2010

here comes the June

not much activity for today..
play badminton wif bro
playing nds
spending a lot of time editing photo :)
here's one of my photo
edited last nite :D

kinda like it.
lol about the rayban
it's not mine
it's my brother-in-law's
for guy..but i wear it :p

so i have nowhere to go tonite
gonna have blast tomorrow
I'll stay awake til midnite..
just to see any greetings or not
and oh.
tomorrow is my birthday
and i will celebrate it with my siblings
kinda fun rite?
but before it I will make :
in the afternoon..
hope that it's edible :D

that's it for today...
can't wait to spend my holiday by learning something new
just like:
- Driving
- Swimming
- Baking if mom willing to teach me..hhe :D

Friday, May 21, 2010

May 17. 16th

May oh May..

his birthday month..
few days ago was his birthday..
I woke up at 12AM and sang for him a "Happy Birthday"..
quite disappointed he didn't save my number when he changed BB..
but he could recognize my voice..
and I'm so happy hearing his laughing voice..aww
so cute >o< the first time I did that..usually i just wish them a happy birthday,.. but this bday boy is just so special for me :))
awww *
blush* ;D
in the morning at school the girls gave him surprise
they took out :
oh's lipstick..
then they started to draw his face
awww..he so cute.. watching him being treated like that xD
his face was just as red as tomato :p

in the afternoon,,..
the girls bought cake
and yet another surprise for him
I didn't expect too much that he would give me a piece of cake..
cause I didn't join at all that surprise plan
while he was holding the last quite big piece of cake,
he came towards me and ask if i would mind to take it..
first,I refuse it..
but he cut it into two piece..
so happy he gave me that..
ate it *graup graup*
i hate the ceres ;(
but it taste fine..
the girls bought it at Suans :)
but then it's over..

and another good news is :
Mom came to Medan..
cause our passport gonna be expire soon
so we must extend it
that day it was raining heavily..
but just for a while..
after that we're going to pasram
and having nasi tenda biru for dinner..

very nice :DD

heart him.