Monday, April 25, 2011

evening class :)

soo,we're having this morning class off since last week.
we're just have evening extra class at school because the 3rd graders are having national exam.
ummmmm,i have nothing on mind to write
maybe I'll just post bout what's happening few days ago.
last week i had a sangwo treat at John's.he's my bro's friend.
i got so many songs from him.he likes to download songs.
i got BEP and bruno's album:earth to mars.and also my fav song atm: heart skips a beat by lenka♥
And oh on saturday we go to cinema.
We watched The American ahh George Clooney is so cool.
But the movie needs more censor -.-"
Then yesterday we went to Grandma's to sent her birthday gift.
Ama's having birhday today and I wish ama always in a perfect health. :)
After that we went to have Häagen heart Häagen dazs so damn much especially the belgian chocolate one.yummm
And we have sushi as dinner at sushi tei-tengku daud..
I've always love their grilled chicken ramen :)

Well that's all I'm kinda dizzy texting in the car -.-"