Friday, May 21, 2010

May 17. 16th

May oh May..

his birthday month..
few days ago was his birthday..
I woke up at 12AM and sang for him a "Happy Birthday"..
quite disappointed he didn't save my number when he changed BB..
but he could recognize my voice..
and I'm so happy hearing his laughing voice..aww
so cute >o< the first time I did that..usually i just wish them a happy birthday,.. but this bday boy is just so special for me :))
awww *
blush* ;D
in the morning at school the girls gave him surprise
they took out :
oh's lipstick..
then they started to draw his face
awww..he so cute.. watching him being treated like that xD
his face was just as red as tomato :p

in the afternoon,,..
the girls bought cake
and yet another surprise for him
I didn't expect too much that he would give me a piece of cake..
cause I didn't join at all that surprise plan
while he was holding the last quite big piece of cake,
he came towards me and ask if i would mind to take it..
first,I refuse it..
but he cut it into two piece..
so happy he gave me that..
ate it *graup graup*
i hate the ceres ;(
but it taste fine..
the girls bought it at Suans :)
but then it's over..

and another good news is :
Mom came to Medan..
cause our passport gonna be expire soon
so we must extend it
that day it was raining heavily..
but just for a while..
after that we're going to pasram
and having nasi tenda biru for dinner..

very nice :DD

heart him.