Monday, August 16, 2010

stay away from my J!!!!

today i laugh a lot bcoz of JL .
it's really funny when she's mad.
she's sounds like

and oh J ruin my mood today.
there's a b*tch hanging her hand around his arm.
shit.what the #@$*

i hate 'em both..
he looks just okay with that b*tch around him
now on i should learn to forget him

and bout H who they talks a lot today
still don't know what's her bad
won't judging her before i know the truth :)

will change my layout not into it :X

Sunday, August 15, 2010

killing the boredom :DD

I'm having exam right now
it's like a blink of an eye
bio tom and i haven't study it at all
I'll do my best.

home alone..
and i haven't had my lunch
i guess i'll have 14022 later


busy with looklet right now.
i had the account before but i forgot the password
so I make the new one :)

really love it..
so i could kill the boredom whenever i want by playing it..
just finished this look just now,..

how is it? :D
well I'm kinda like it but i guess to much stuff there..
overall it's GREAT :DDD