Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hello December!

umm..actually it's 2nd already..
I had no mood to blog last night
Today I spend most of my time to watch dvds
this morning I watched The Hole with some friends
I've watched it last night
But then I watch it again to accompany them..hehe

and i just finished watching Ramona & Beezus 2hr ago

well,someone's has just depress my house bell-it's kinda creepy -.-"

back to Ramona & Beezus..
It's so nice
selena is so cute there..

went to ozon after tuition and start hunting for some dvds..
bit disappointed cause i can hardly find next season of GLEE an 90210 :(
finished GG s3 and i have to wait for months til s4 complete
bought 4 dvds today
gonna finish all of them before exam
yeap..exam is almost here..not more than 2 weeks left
I'm not so ready
but somehow my report for the last exam is quite good
imma try my best to have higher scores..
wish me luck ;)

#Decemberwish I have great scores and great rank and super great of 10days holiday

new headmaster cut 2 days of our holiday -.-"

well one more #Decemberwish I wish I could hang out with epon,tasbih or at least with ayam,atoi and tipend :)