Thursday, August 13, 2009

time 2 update..

actually i'm so lazy to update this blog..
coz there're still lotta works to do..
but i do miss my blog.. :)
2moro there'll be civics n english test..
hope i can do it.. geo is stress me out..
goin craziiee coz of that..
but i dont care..
just wait for the result..
think much more bout it won't change anyting..
Last nite..
slept at 12.00 am..
just to say epi birthday to my bro..
hhax..great then..
this morning i went to meet him n said happy birthday again..
i do miss him a lot..
seldom meet him coz we're not in a same class when exam..
hope that i can finish my exam soon..
n do my best 4 it..
so i can meet him..hhe..

i plan to bake him some muffins..
but i can't..
not enough time..
n lack of ingredients..

ut I wish all the best for HIM.. :)
nice day.. :D