Friday, October 30, 2009

Lil bit of Jessica

must confess that:
I miss her and I do care bout her..
just need her forgiveness of all things which has ever came between us..
everyday I see her o.t.w to SD to take her bus..
she never look back or even trying to.. :(
I'm alweiz right behind her..
imy jes tjin..
vitz is really sorry bout all..
hope u 4give me soon
I miss our moment 2gether..

Little bit of Jessica, Here I Am!~ (mambo no.5)

reminds me of her

realize that I'll miss Angel's Diary..
love that so much..
esp angel is so cute.. XD
wadeverr..maybe i can watch it on youtube..

~in a mission~
1st mission..
must be completed today.. :D

Thursday, October 15, 2009

unbeatable :D

i've just had creambath..
spend about 30 idr..
worth it.. :D
use my angpao given when tuesday's wed-party..
i sang! YES I do!
and i'm quite disappointed n a little mad wif the MC..
he didn't call me in order.. :(
so.. lucky him to call me d last..
cause everyone's getting off..
im the one who made the closing..
after think it over again..
i guess im special that could make d closing.. :)
sang it well..(in my opinion)
earn some money from that..
thanks God.. :)

going to have tuition soon..
maybe start from physics or chem first..
will have exam soon!
n i will do my best to be the top scorer in my class.. :D

unbeatable girl then.. :b

Sunday, October 11, 2009

hi bloggiee.. :)

just so in mood to update thiss.. :)
many things has changed..
he hate me now..
i guess.. :(
just so sorry that i had hurt him..
just the matter of time til he forgive me..
hope it happen soon..

i find out that this month so many couples married..
must be a good month,huh..
as my brother will soon get married too this tuesday..
i'm so not ready..
i will sing " This I promise You "..
actually I prefer " When you say nothing at all "..
hmm,kinda bored..
but i really love that song.. :D

time 4 tuition..
1 homework left..
hope i can done it today..
that's all 4 now..

Good Day..