Wednesday, June 22, 2011


kay,so today i wake up earlier than usual..
i went to school to get my report..
I was crying when i knew i'm promoted to 12th grade..
and I'm officially a 12th Grader now..
13/47 not bad huh?
a litlle bit sad when i knew my friend couln't pass it..
huhuu..even we have fight everyday but i like her..
it's unbelievable that she has failed..
it's okay if you fail this time, I'm sure you can do better,friend :)

lately i'm feeling loved by everyone..hihi
maybe just my feeling ;) or maybe because I'm lil bit childish? But everyone's okay with it..
Or maybe I'm too kind,never get mad when they tease me..even i fall down cuz of Seti,I still can laugh -.-"
*okay back to feeling loved*
Loved not as couple,as brother-sister like that..
a guy name wiwin,he treats me like his lil sister..hihi
he's a good bro though..
even i born first,but he acts more mature than me..
i think because he has a younger sister..
i've skipped school once because of Diarrhea,the next day when i back to school he stroked my head and said "aiyoo xiao mei mei phua pe aa" hihi
And Seti said "waktu lu bo lae ane tiam lo ya,lu lae liau ane luan khi"
Hha..seems like i'm too talkative
And i guess seti said that because he got no one to argue with when I absent..
And today win aka my fake bro..hihi..stroked my head again and says "lae w boe khua lu ee rapor..13 mia aa? waaa mei mei ane gau ho"
Bad news,win gonna move to ia5.. :(

My sis n bro's friends also treat me like their lil sis..such as ko John and ci Jenny ko Dora too :D hihi
They're so kindd..
2011 is so awesomeee.. ;)

And I'm grateful to know and have friends like Shanice,Nico,Finiarti,Seti,Wiwin,Tina,JL,Sofie,Jeannie,Levina,Anggi,BeeBee,etc
Love you guys,this 2 semester was really really great. :)

Thanks God i can pass this grade happily :)

-end of 11th Grade- :)