Thursday, July 8, 2010

The very first day

this morning almost missed the bus..
cuz i couldn't find my my shoes
I sit with Jenny
J.Tanadi and Selviana sit in front of us
well they're from other class
but I'm glad we can be classmates
Tina and JL sit behind us
and on the left side there's Shanice
behind her Pane and Gading
behind them Nico and Jo..
This is gonna be a great semester
first day full of laughing..
LOLing when there's no teacher
girls in front of me is so cool and great
they're friendly :)
but today the teacher already start teaching
while other class is free
not fair
start with chem,phys and bahasa
see how's 2moro..
will be greater :D

so happy I'm in this class with lot of people I know :D


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

last day of my school holiday

i need more holiday..
it's just not enough for me.
but well i'm happy i'm in the same class with tina.
yeahh.we'll be a great friend :)
yesterday i started my tuition.move to SC
and guess what?
i met tjin there..weww's a small small world
however,,there's a cute teacher..handsome..
and he often go to the gym..woo..his bicep :DD
ahh..anw i havent post about my rank in the school
i got the 3rd. lol
and given a voucher 210k :p

bout my driving lesson..
i drive about 56KM
waiting for my SIM A ;O

and bout my baking lesson
i made chiffon on monday
its edible but not as perfect as I wish :(
mom said it's okay..
next time it'll be great :)
i bake it on my own
baking is just so nice

bout my sis bday..
we ate at bakezin
quite expensive
a piece of cake is about 30idr
:O :O
later i'll post about bakerzin
and will upload some of the pics i took there

gotta off soon
cause i'll have some shopping with tina :D
happy Wednesday everyone

and Happy Birthday to Walton
who is walton?hha
he's my classmate and sit next to me in lab computer and english
i always teach him when there's quiz
and so satisfied could make he got 80 on final exam
usually he got 60 -.-"
hha..i miss his iphone anyway :D
cheer up..i know u couldnt pass 75
and it means u'll stay at X grade
but failure is a key to success,rite? :)
wishing u all the best,boy :D
have a blast! :DDD

Sun,here i come :D