Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sweating All Day Long

Hair tied, sweat pants and keep sweating at the fitness center.
It's been a routine since last week.
we got new instructor from Jakardahh, Mike.
and we're kinda close to him lately.
ah, just got back from camb.
tired? damn yeah.

1hr spinning class with Edwin, Mike.
BODYCOMBAT™ with Deddy(fav. instructor),
SH'BAM™ with Fetty(inst. from Jakarta)

both of them are LES MILLS™ programs
so we join the launching of the new class, combat class.

at 4pm we have early dinner at Solaria. hhe
then we back to join dance class with Kent(Duck's Family).
whoaaa he's cool, super cool.
and the way he dance, aweeesome.

ah anw another fav, song atm. :D
nite, ciao.

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