Friday, May 4, 2012

Body Combat!!

Today was so damn fun and tiring.
I join My Life class recently.
I had body combat at 08.30 and latin dance at 17.30
and guess what,
Same instructor for both classes, his name is Deddy.
in the evening he said : "Tadi pagi kan uda tinju2, jadi sekarang nari y."
wow, unexpectedly he remember us even it's the very first time we join his class.
He's a funny guy and not to mention he's good at body locking and shaking!!
guess he's a real expert in belly-dancing.
hope my body's not aching here and there when I wake up tomorrow cause I didn't do the warm up earlier.
Gonna have Fun Spin at 08.00 tom! can't wait! haha
and because of spinning is the most favorite class, we have to be there earlier to get limited-empty-spot. ;)

anw, I learn a lot in combat class.
boxing, muay thai, capoeira.
well, at least I have basic to defense myself. B)

learn pretty much everything on the picture above. Cool, isn't it? :D

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