Thursday, August 23, 2012

Girl's Day Out

Hello to you, bloggie..
been abandoning you for such a long time..
many things happened in this past few months.

College life:
I'm now officially a college student, got into Unpri and PIA.
Met a lot of new friends and seniors.
I've studied at Unpri for almost 2 months, while PIA starts in Sept
what major did I choose? yeap, accounting(Unpri) and Chinese Literature(PIA)
tell you what, i got into 1-1 class at PIA which is the smartest one.
omooo -.-" no idea how that happened
oh anw I met this cute senior, R.
fall for him, but not anymore, I'm moving on ;)

people around me:
getting closer to mylife instructors and staff.
ko Edwin, such a big bro to me, we always have lunch together.
anw he's in KL right now and he bought us something, so sweet.
ko Deddy, 2nd bro, he always have solutions to all our problems.
he's cute and hilarious!
feels so comfortable and warm around them, love them :)
our fav. spot : Halimah, Giok Sim, and Starbucks is our base camp :p

Titu went to KL last tuesday, he enters Sunway, just like vinnie.
Jenny is going to Beijing to study about jewelry, off to Beijing next Monday.
Shanice'll go to Xiamen in September, while Devina to Singapore in the end of Sept.
That's why we're all girls hanging out today, it's a girl's day out
cause after this holiday we can barely meet each other anymore
more like an early farewell party, gonna miss them guys so much ;(

oh and this one too, Pred, my galau friend, but not anymore
cause he's in a relationship right now, long distance anw
we're always galauing together in the past, hha
but he seems happy w this girl.
finally, dude, happy for you my galau and curhat friend, salam galau! :D

that's all I guess.
one more, you should watch this trending kpop MV:
Oppa Gangnam Style ! hhaa

 - photo of the day, girl's day out -

find this very sweet :
" I'll never let your head hit the bed without my hand behind it. "

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